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about the alexander technique

The practical principles of the Alexander Technique form the underlying basis of Freedom to Move’s work with athletes and performers. The Alexander Technique was developed over 100 years ago by an Australian actor. It is now used around the world to deal with musculo- skeletal difficulties and to improve performance in a wide range of skilled activities. These include music, dance, acting and sport.

The Alexander Technique brings an understanding to human movement that is essentially practical. The Alexander Technique works at such a fundamental/basic level that
it will assist in all levels of performance; in areas as diverse as running and playing a violin. It is concerned with use: this involves co-ordination -“ good form”, moving more easily and with less effort. It is a tool that will bring about continuing improvement.

It will also address the aches and pains that are the result of misuse, overuse, and tension. It will also assist in recovery from injury and surgery.
It will assist because most people are not aware of what they are doing as they go about their lives, let alone in their area of performance. Unfortunately, coaches do not have the understandings that The Alexander Technique’s ’practical principles’ bring to movement.
“ Every sports person I have worked with has reported improved performance,” RIchard Tasker.

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