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anatomy of an alexander lesson

The Alexander Technique is a learning process. It is taught one to one as the teacher uses manual guidance and verbal instruction to directly address the needs of the pupil. The pupil will need a number of lessons. This will be governed by the pupil’s state and what they wish to achieve.

A lesson consists of work while standing, sitting, in movement and on a table. Lessons will also be undertaken on the track or chosen arena. Lessons can also deal with some concern or skill the pupil may wish to address. Pupils remain fully clothed but may be asked to remove their shoes.

Lessons take place at Freedom to Move’s teaching venues (Kingsville and Geelong). Work can also take place in an arena appropriate to your sport; running track, tennis court, gym.

The Alexander Technique will be a new learning territory but not difficult in itself. It will not be like anything else you have encountered. Your progress relates to your current state; awareness, tension and ‘posture’ and that will be different for everyone. People notice differences after a few lessons. These will not necessarily be sustained, at first, or be able to be recreated by the athlete. In time, along with permanent change, the pupil will become more efficient in application.

The Technique can be applied at any time and anywhere. It needs no special equipment because essentially the pupil is working on/with themselves.

Individual lessons lasting 40 minutes cost $65.

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